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Here at tagup we believe that each athlete is more than a stat-sheet, more than a skills video, more than a single outing; so, we have done our best to provide a social platform where athletes can archive and share their entire journey. Through this platform we offer a space where everyone involved in the community can provide support through online interaction, with the ultimate goal of creating an all-inclusive network in which athletes of all ages, locations, and backgrounds can shine.


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Start building your resume today through tagup’s in-depth profile framework. Lay the foundation for your personal brand by completing the sections for your bio, school, academics, summer team, and gear to streamline your most essential information into the tagup community.


Don’t miss out on the App designed exclusively for tagShowcase, the must use tech that records and stores your footage from your phone to your profile. (compatible with iOS & Android ).



You made the play, now utilize tagupPlays to become apart of the most extensive sports search engine of its kind. Whether you’re showcasing a hit or your mitt, remember to claim your game; always tagup.


Feed your following by showcasing your talents, adding top notch titles, tagging up your plays, and sharing your tagup content on other social media platforms.


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Take your exposure to the top with our premium video play database, equipped with over 100 algorithms and filters that magnify your profile for coaches and recruiters to see.

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Any play, any time, anywhere; fielded and relayed directly to your channel. Catch every moment.

Actual footage captured with tagupCam for the the tagupShowcase.


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