Welcome to Beverly Bandit Softball!

The Beverly Bandits only hold open tryouts at the 10U division. All other divisions are by invitation only. If you are currently playing for a highly competitive club and have an interest, please contact us below for consideration.

If you have an existing team and would like to discuss being a part of the Bandits, please contact me directly.

All teams and players will receive a subscription to tagup, the number one exposure and recruiting platform for softball.

Due to the amount of requests, we will only contact you if there is an interest.

Thank you,
Bill Conroy
Founder and Program Director, Beverly Bandits

Submitting Video

If you would like to submit video, please open a FREE account on tagupSoftball first. Upload up to 10 free videos. Copy/Paste the link to your Channel on tagup, and then you will be prompted at the end of the form below to insert it.

Indication of Interest

Please complete the confidential form below for consideration.

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Who is in charge the Beverly Bandits?

Bill Conroy

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How much are player fees?

Fees are based on Division, Level and Schedule.  They will be included in your offer.

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Do you have an installment plan for player fees?


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Does the Beverly Bandits offer different levels of teams, like 'National, Gold, Premier?'

Yes.  Currently, we have Premier and Futures.

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If there are multiple teams at my division, can I choose which team I am trying out for?

Unfortunately not.  Our staff will assess our needs, and decide which team will be best for you and the team.

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Who can I speak with about tryouts?

Bill Conroy:  (708) 927-8193

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