Coastal Classic
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09/30/23 - 10/01/23
Naples, FL
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Coastal Classic

Sept 30-October 1,2024

Naples Florida

4 gg pool play Saturday, Sunday Championship bracket play single elimination

Home Team: Coin flip by umpires during pre-game conference to determine home team. Home team will keep official score and will report score to Field Director at conclusion of game. During championship play, the higher seed will be the home team. Dugout designation: The team listed on the top of the schedule will occupy the 3rd base dugout unless the 3rd base dugout is occupied by a team from the previous game. Tournament Format: 4 game guarantee (Weather Permitting). 3 pool play games on Saturday, Single elimination will begin on Sunday concluding with the championship game. Seeding from Pool Play Seeding from pool play into bracket play is determined by the following in this order 1) Wins:2 points for each win 2) Tie: 1 point for each tie 3) Head to Head 4) Runs against 5 ) Runs Scored Inclement Weather: In the event of rain or bad weather schedule revisions may occur. Every attempt to complete the full schedule of games will be made. The games committee will handle any revisions with the input from the facility coordinator. Please provide us with all pertinent cell phone numbers. We will have a text alert system in place. Lineup Cards: One lineup card for the scorekeeper is due to the umpires prior to game time. Line-ups are not official until the lineup card is presented to the official at the pre-game meeting. Official Scorekeepers: Home teams Book will be the official score book. Registration: At check in your team will need to provide a copy of the Team Insurance, roster and D9 waivers for Coaches, Staff and players. Pre-Game Infield: No pre game infield will be allowed, but groundballs and fly balls will be allowed behind the base path on each side of the field. Both teams will share the field for warm up, so please use standard courtesy and safety procedures. Rules 1)2023/2024 NFHS rules will be used, unless specified in this document Time Limit: No new inning will begin after 1 hour 20 minutes from the completion of the pre-game conference at home plate. Game time will be kept by umpires on the field. A new inning starts with the third out of the previous inning. In the event of a tie after 7 innings within the time limit, teams will go to International Tie Breaker (ITB). Championship game will be played until completion. Run-Rule, 10 after 4, 8 after 5, 6 after 6. Protests are to be handled on the field by the UIC of that site, a tournament official and the Umpire who made the call, there will be a $50 protest fee to be returned if the protest is upheld. Umpires: All fields will have 2 umpires. Championship Game will have 3 Championship Award: The top 2 finishers will receive team awards
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    (732) 682-1330
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    North Collier Regional Park
    15000 Livingston Rd, Naples, FL 34109
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    Big Cork Screw
    810 39th Ave NE, Naples, FL 34120
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