Finesse Fall Friendly
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09/09/23 - 09/10/23
Sylvania, OH

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4GG pool play seeding into Championship Game.

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Tournament Rules

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Finesse Fall Friendly, September 9th, 2023 Tournament Rules Tournament format: 3 pool games seeding into a final match-up game (4GG). The Director reserves the right to change the tournament format. NFHS rules will be followed with the following exceptions 1. Free defensive substitution for all games. 2. Teams may bat 9, 10 or the whole line-up for all games. Must maintain integrity of the line-up. Since it is free defensive substitution, there is no need for a flex/DP. 3. Dugout assignments: Team listed first will occupy 3rd base dugout unless team already occupies from previous game. 4. Line-up cards: Coaches should exchange line-up cards at the pre-game conference but do not need to give one to the umpires. Coaches must notify the opposing team of offensive changes. and Pitcher/Catcher changes. 5. Courtesy runners for pitchers & catchers can be someone not in the batting order or last batted out if all players are in the Line-up. Pinch runners will be a normal line-up substitution. 6. Pitching: Pitcher is allowed to step back with one foot in contact with the rubber. 7. Time limit: No new inning will begin after 1 hour and 30 minutes from the completion of the pre-game conference. Tournament Director may change time limit if needed. Game time will be kept by the umpires on the field. Umpires reserve the option to enforce 75 seconds between half innings. We all want to play 7 innings, please keep the pace up between innings. 8. Run Rule: 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings and 6 runs after 6 innings for all games 9. Home team: Determined by a flip of coin at pre-game conference. 10. Pool games: Teams will receive 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. Games can end in a tie after 7 innings or time limit. 11. Pool Game Tie breakers: 1) Record, 2) Head-to-head, 3) Runs allowed, 4) Runs scored, 5) Run differential. 12. Final game is a match-up with the other pool and can also end in a tie except for Pool A winner vs Pool B winner. ITB will begin with runners on 2nd and 3rd base. 13. Warm-ups: Pre-game warm-ups should be beyond HR fences, in the batting cages or in designated areas. No warm-ups on the infield inside the base paths. No hitting into fences. Please be considerate of field maintenance crews and other teams. 14. Weather Issues: Coaches/parents/players should follow me on twitter: @donnysoftball for weather updates and updated game time changes. 15. Insurance: All teams should provide proof of Insurance at check-in or by email 16. Rosters: Open rosters, you do not need to turn a roster in. Tournament Director: Donny Dreher 248-842-0217
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Pacesetter Park
8801 Sylvania-Metamora Rd., Sylvania, OH. 43560
14U (8)
Finesse Fastpitch, OH
National Pratt 14u
Finesse Fastpitch, MI
State DeGroat 14u
Finesse Fastpitch, MI
Regional King 12u
Finesse Fastpitch, MI
Regional Chlipala/Langlois 13u
Finesse Fastpitch, OH
Regional Colyer 14u
Finesse Fastpitch, OH
Regional McBrayer 14u
Finesse Fastpitch, MI
State Anson 13u
Finesse Fastpitch, MI
Regional Madison 14u
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