tagupSoftball 17 Extensions


Your Very Own Channel to showcase your talents. Highly customizable view by, Videos - Playlists - Games - Favorites - Discussions.


tagupCloud included with every plan. All your videos, playlists, games and more, are safe, up to date, and available wherever you are. Best of all, it works automatically.


Athlete Database. GPA, ACT, SAT, State, Status, Bats/Throws, Primary Position, Secondary Position, Grad Year, Summer Team. Your Pipeline to Every Player


The Roadmap to Recruiting. All Levels, All Conferences, All States. Take Charge of your Future. Give your Search Direction. Find Information, Reach out, and Make Connections.


Custom ranking list for Offensive and Defensive tagups. Filter by state, primary position, graduation year and player status.


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Complete, Detailed Profile. Player Info - Status - School Info - Academic - Travel/Club Info - Social Media.


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A Code to Play By. At Home, or on the Road; Your Roster, Your Code. Be a Part of the Smart Depth Chart. Every Team Needs a Code Bring your Roster Management into the Digital Era.


NextGen Digital Exposure & Recruiting. Search video database by User Type, Users, Graduation Year, Player Status, Offense and Defense. Exponentially increasing your reach.


First impressions are everything. With tagupSpotlight, you can 'pin' any video to your channel so it's the first thing people see.


On a mission for recognition? tagupPlays is the key to feeding your channel, and solidifying your status as a must-see athlete. Over 90+ tagups


We clip the complete game, pitch by pitch, into 'At Bats' and tagup all the Offensive plays for you.


The only way to watch a replay of a sports game. Every pitch, every batter, every play. You'll never view a game the same way.


Tired of the same boring view from behind the backstop? Want to see the break on the pitch? Our new tagupZoom feature changes all of that. Zoom in to to set the 'Global' zoom of every play.