In-Game Batter Analysis with Taran

tagupAnalyst, Taran Alvelo

National Pro Fastpitch


Puerto Rico National Team


University of Washington


Don’t Be a Slave to the Strike Out

Pitch selection, lineup management, situational and specific batter approach



What to Expect from tagup's Online In-Game Batter Analysis with Taran Alvelo

Easy to Share Video

No downloading, uploading, emailing, editing to prepare a video for analysis. Simply select which  tagupAnalysis product you would like, add it to the cart, and you will be prompted  to just click and select which videos or complete tagupPlaylists to include.

Expert Analysis from a Certified tagupAnalyst

At tagup, we believe it is always good to get a second set of eyes, and listen to different approaches and techniques as you build your OWN style.  No matter where you are, tagup’s full-time, professional pitching analyst Taran Alvelo will analyze your delivery and mechanics by pitch type and help identify strengths and areas of improvement needed for greater success!

*Important Note
All videos must be uploaded and available on the tagupSoftball site on your tagupChannel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it need to be In-Game pitching?

YES.  Content for this specific analysis must be captured through tagupCam, by selecting individual batters faced while pitching.

How long does it take to get feedback from Taran?

Feedback on the delivery can be expected in 1-2 business days.  Once your review is complete, you will receive a notice, through tagupNotifications on the site.

More questions?

Check out our video tutorials under Training Room,  or email

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