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Recapture your Uncut Content

Avoid Uploading Time-Consuming Content with tagupCapture

PREVIOUSLY, ONLY AVAILABLE FOR COLLEGES.  Now available for all team types.

*Purchase is REQUIRED to use tagupCapture and is not included.

Turn your Long Form Film into Crisp Clips

Integrate your Full Games into tagup’s Pitch by Pitch Format

Didn’t use tagupCam to record your game? No problem! tagupCapture provides users with the ability to take a lengthy video, and integrate it into the easy to view, pitch by pitch tagup format. Whether you have older content you want to upload, or a recent game that was filmed not using tagupCam, tagupCapture makes it easy to get all of your film on your channel.



Load any video game file into tagupCam, and use tagupCapture.

Available now in the Apple App or Play Store.


Want us to do it for you?

Purchase the tagupTransfer service


  • Really fun way to show off some of that personality!

  • You need to buy this extension in order to review it.