The Best VUE in the Game

Visually - Uninterrupted - Experience

A New VUEing experience

Watch your Game the Way you Want

The crown jewel of tagup, tagupVUE, brings the viewing experience of your sport into the 21st century. Now you can enjoy any game, or a playlist, uploaded through tagupCam without any interruptions. tagupVUE automatically transforms a series of clips into a continuous collage, providing a video package that has an undeniable major league feel. Whether you want to watch a game in it's entirety, skip around, or watch it all in as little as five minutes, tagupVUE is the best way to watch a game.


tagupVUE Game Edition

No more cutting, splicing or hours of editing. Whether your a fan, parent, coach, recruiter or player, the new tagupVUE Game Edition feature is a revolutionary way to watch all the plays from a complete game. At the click of a button, we will dynamically build your highlight video based on the plays you have captured with tagupCam.

To view a Game previously recorded with tagupCam, hover the Game cover, and select the 'red' play button.

A video of tagupVUE in action.

Another Example


tagupVUE Playlist Edition

tagupVUE works on playlists as well. Create a custom playlists from the videos you have captured with tagupCam. Simply press the tagupVUE button, and we'll do the rest. Creating the fastest, most easy highlight video you have ever made. You make plays, we'll do the rest.


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