Helping Recruiters Keep an Eye on Possible Prospects

You Saw the Potential, Now Stay Up to Date

Easily Add Players of Interest to your tagupWatchlist

No Play is Missed, Once a Player or Team is on your List

tagupWatchlist gives you an organized and updated catalog of all the potential prospects who have piqued your interest. By following a player or team on tagup they are automatically added to your tagupWatchlist and you receive notifications in real-time on all their recent activity. This gives you a queue of fresh content from players you want to see, so no more searching to watch players you’ve already found. It is important to note that recruiting features like tagupWatchlist are done through coach accounts and not team accounts, so your team activity and your recruiting activity are kept separate. Recruiters always say they need to see more, and now with tagupWatchlist, they can easily manage and stay up-to-date on the content they want to see, so they can spend more time reviewing and less time searching.



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