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We are adding new features and updating all the time!  Our team at tagupSofball is literally working around the clock on new features and enhancements.  Please check back often to see updates.  If you have any suggestions or a great idea, please use the “Send Feedback” form under  your User name drop down.

Thank you for your support and patience!


Add your own profile picture and cover photo to personalize your “Profile” page and show off some personality.  Under your name, you will find a custom placeholder for your slogan or pertinent information.

Want to know who is following and subscribed to you?  You are at the right place.  Here, we list all of your followers and subscribers, as well as who is following and subscribed to you.  Click on any of these categories to see a complete listing.

On the gray bar, you will find your “Profile” menu with tabs that include:

About:  A nice place for you to write a short biography, or long if you choose.
Activity:  All of the action happening all consolidated on your activity wall.
Comments:  Every comment you have made, or have been mentioned in can be found here.
Channel:  A quick link to your Channel
Player Profile:  All of your player information.  Current status, bats, throws, primary position, secondary position, height, weight and link to MaxPreps stats.
Photos:  Just a a cool place to show off some of our pics with everyone.
Player Gear:  A listing of all the great gear you love and use.  Bat brand, Bat Model, Bat size, Glove brand, Glove model, Cleats, Batting Gloves and protective gear.


Everyone gets their own custom channel on tagupSoftball for FREE. Here, you have the ability to customize your channel background picture to your liking, as well as access to to 6 different tabs.

Videos:  Access to all the videos you have uploaded to your channel.  There are no limitations on how many videos you can upload, so upload until your heart it content!

Playlists:  If you are a PRO Player, you can click the “+” button to build and assemble your own custom playlists here.  There is just no comparison in real-time, highlight,  game footage and a skills video.  Quickly and easily assemble custom playlists like, hitting, fielding, pitching, great plays, home runs, whatever you desire.  This give recruiters instant and easy access to what they looking for

Favorite:  See a video you absolutely love?  Just click the “Heart” on the video to add to your “Favorites”.  These videos will be here in this category for you to always watch and enjoy.

Discussions:  This is an area where users can leave a and post a comment on this specific video and tell you how awesome you are doing!  More importantly, what you could be doing even better.

About:  This will display high level statistics of your channel.  How many videos you have posted, amount of subscribers and total views of your channel.

Profile:  Click this for quick access to the Player Profile you are viewing


The Showcase has 8 default sections for easy access to our most popular categories.  In addition, from the left menu side bar, you will have quick access to the most popular parent categories, all of which have additional sub-categories under them. 

College:  Conference Championship Games, WCWS Regionals, Super Regionals, Conferences, Highlights, Hype, Interviews and more.
High School:  Sub-categories that include, Golden Glove, Slappers, Triples, Dingers, Workouts, and more.
tagupPRO Feed:  Streamed to site in real-time
Skills Videos:  By High School Graduating Year
tagupT-Ball:  The most cute, hilarious things you will ever see
tagupTutorials:  Videos on how to use the site, being updated weekly
Travel/Club:  Travel/Club teams by every division

On every video, you have quick access to create or add to a custom playlist by clicking the “+” button.  Also, you can “Favorite” a video right from this page by clicking the “Heart” icon.  You also have the ability to add this to your “Watch Later” category by clicking the “Clock” icon.  In the bottom left hand corner, you will see the amount of “Likes” the video has and in right hand corner, the length of video.

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Clicking the “Follow” button on any user adds and this will add the user to your own custom “Following” watchlist under “My tagup”.  This give you quick access to all players or users that you follow.  Here, you have the ability to add or delete any player or user at any time, or subscribe to them.

Also, here you see high level stats like total followers they have, how many people they are following, total people they are subscribed to and how many people have subscribed to them.  Below, we explain the difference in “Following” a user and “Subscribing” to a user.


When you click the “Subscribe” button on any user, they are instantly added to your custom “Subscribed” watchlist.  You will access this under “My tagup” in the main header menu.  The format and information you will see on the profile card will be the same, just as you have when you follow someone.  The difference in subscribing, is that you now have instant access to the last 4 videos the user has posted under “My Showcase”, which is the first listing under “My tagup”.

If you do wish to see all videos for this user, just click their name, and this will take you directly to their channel so that you can view all their videos or playlists.

This is a quick and easy way to stay updated on all the videos this user has posted to their channel with out having to go to every channel directly to see recent updates.

If you would like to see all their videos, just simply click on the user name and you will be taken directly to their channel where you can view all of their videos and playlists.


This is where you show the love!  Click the “Thumbs Up” button below any video to show your appreciation.

Players work hard, recognize their talents by sharing your approval of their skills, hard work and dedication to the game.

You will not find a “Thumbs Down” button, so don’t even bother looking!  At tagupSoftball, there are no bad plays.  We like to think of them as learning experiences for the players to review and get better.


Everyone has a favorite!  Some have more than others…

Below the video player, you can click the “Heart” on any video to add to your favorites.

You will find the video you have clicked on your tagupSofball Channel, under the “Favorites” tab.

Not sure why, but if for some reason once your video has showed up under your “Favorites” tab and you wish to remove it, just click the “Heart”, and we’ll take it away.


So many choices…  How long?  What weight?  What drop?  What size gloves to infielders use vs. outfielders?  What size for my weight and height?

With the cost of equipment, and so many choices and variables, we wanted our players and parents to have this section to give you some insight as to what other players are using to give you some form of reference or guidance.

Everyone has there own opinion and preference when it comes to equipment.  Hopefully, this will be a great starting point for everyone as they get ready to start researching for their next purchase.


There are many different opinions on instruction in all aspects of the game.  Pitching, catching, fielding, and so many forms of hitting.  While we could have just listed every instructor we could find to fill this space, we are going to take a different approach.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a certified tagupInstructor must apply. You will be required to provide references, years of experience, areas of specialty and types of lessons you will offer.

Our goal is not to make money off of your lessons.  We will charge the tagupInstructor a flat processing fee for every lesson to cover our transaction and billing costs.  The goal is to give you access to the best instruction, that best suits your need, regardless of your location.

Stay tuned, and we will keep you updated as we go through all the applications and get ready to launch this service!


In every players profile it will state whether or not the player has verbally committed to a College or University.  This will help recruiters know who is, and who is not currently available.  It will also list the the school they have committed to continue their education and softball at.

Recruiters will also have the ability to filter players and narrow their search in the tagupDashboard, as well as view plays based on this specific criteria in the tagupShowcase Recruiter Edition.


tagupProfile is located as a tab under “Profile”.  Here, you will see all the player information, which will include:

Player Status

If committed, College/University, Division and Location

A direct link to their stats from MaxPreps if they have data there


Primary Position

Secondary Position


Height and Weight


Recruiters, here you find access to the most important academic information on your student athlete.  Data includes:

High School Graduation Year

High School Attending Or Will Attend

Player Number

Coach Email Address

Grade Point Average





Schools of Interest


The “Travel Team Information” section on a player will give you some insight as to what level they are playing at.  Here you will find information like:

Travel/Club Org

Team Name


Travel Team Website


Travel Coach Email Address


tagupDashboard Recruiter Edition is designed as a tool to help recruiters research and find players based on over 11 fully customizable data fields.

Also, we have included an academic section to this search where you can adjust the sliders in real-time to find the players that meet your academic requirements.

In addition to academic filter functionality, we have also included the following for you to use in your search, or leave blank to receive a more broad return.


Player Status



Primary Postion

Secondary Position

Graduation Year

Travel/Club Org


Now that you have found your subset of student athletes that have met your initial requirements, you can now roll up your sleeves, sit back and enjoy the show!

tagupShowcase Recruiter Edition is the first ever, real-time searchable database of live video plays of athletes in action.  This is a must use tool before you plan your summer recruiting schedule.  You now have the ability to watch every play from any game the player was involved in.  Also, for the first time, you can see defensive plays as well as every at-bat.

In an average tournament game, you may see a batter at-bat 3 times, and possiblly field a few balls in 1.5 to 2 hours.  Imagine the possibility of seeing all that from the comfort of your office in just a few minutes.  In the time you spent to watch that came, you could have watched an entire season of the player.  Plus, you have the ability to watch it again and analyze it as many times as you want.  Again, you have highly customizable filtering capability like never seen before.

Offensively- A Total of 30 Filter Types

11 Hit types, 14 different types of Play Results and 5 filters for on the bases.

Defensively- A Total of 38 Filter Types

11 Positions, 23 different types of Play Results and 4 filters for on the bases.

That is a total of 68 fully customizable filters in which to view video of your player in action.

tagupPRO Feed

tagupPRO Feed is a live feed coming in from all over the country.  All PRO Players who upload videos are included in this stream of plays.

Here, you can see the latest at-bats, defensive plays, workouts or anything the PRO Player wishes to post to his tagupChannel.

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