'22 - '23 NWI SOX Tryouts

Welcome to NWI SOX Fastpitch!

If you have an interest in playing for NWI SOX, please contact us directly.

We are very excited to announce open tryouts for the '21 - '22 NWI Sox.

If you have an existing team and would like to discuss being a part of NWI SOX, please contact me directly.

All teams and players will receive a subscription to tagup, the number one exposure and recruiting platform for softball.

All the Best,
Rick Baker

Email: Rick Baker
Mobile: (219) 613-1017

Indication of Interest

Please send us an email directly with the following information.

Player Name, Age, Division, City and State, Primary Position, Secondary Position, Last Travel Team



Who is in charge the NWI SOX Organization?

Rick Baker

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How much are player fees?

Fees are based on Division, Level and Schedule.  They will be included in your offer.

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Do you have an installment plan for player fees?


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What if I can't attend any of the current tryout dates?

Please email rb0826@aol.com

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When will I be notified if I have made the team?

You will be notified the day of the tryout, or very soon thereafter.

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Does NWI SOX offer different levels of teams, like 'National, Gold, Premier?'


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If there are multiple teams at my division, can I choose which team I am trying out for?

Unfortunately not.  We will try and balance the rosters as evenly as possible.

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Who can I speak with about tryouts?

Rick Baker: (219) 613-1017

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Apply Now!

Spots are filling fast, reserve yours today

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