2019 PGF Player Promotion

On the grandest stage of them all, give your
journey the spotlight it deserves with tagupSoftball!

14U - 12U - 10U

2019 PGF Premier, 16U National Champions, Beverly Bandits Premier, Team Conroy


What are the details of the promotion?

Total Promo Value

Only the First

Promo Starts...


What do I get for free?

tagupStandard Player Plan

Save $48.00

tagupCam Mobile App

Save $99.99


What do I need to do to get started?

1. Open a Free Trial Account

2. Download tagupCam App

3. Capture Your Content

4. Follow @tagupsoftball on twitter

5. Rate tagupCam 5 stars if you love it!


What do I need to do to be eligible?

Record 9 At Bats

Record your player while they are at bat, or our pitcher while they are facing a batter.  Start/Stop after each pitch.  At the end of the At Bat, click the ‘End At Bat’ button, and your play will merged, titled and uploaded to your channel.

tagup Your Plays

Once you can captured your play, you need to tag it up.  You can do this by viewing the video, and clicking the ‘tagup’ logo.  It will open a sidebar, for you to enter your selections.  Simply click what happened in the play, and you are done!

Record 1 Workout

Capture your player working out.  Select ‘Workout’ in tagupCam. Giving shine to the grind. Watch our players put in work.  You will see 4 main categories when you select “Workout’ with 6 additional sub-categories.

Record 1 Random

Have your player select ‘Random’ in tagupCam. Post your best tips, tricks, team moments and show the tagup community an inside look at what makes your journey your own.

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