The Tech Behind tagup's Optimal
Viewing Experience

Merging pitches in real-time to dynamically build 'At Bats' for your channel

No time between pitches.

tagupCompression allows tagup’s members to streamline the game.

One of the most pivotal innovations our team at tagup has made is eliminating the lulls in every innings. tagupCompression converts a long day at the ballpark into tightly packaged plays that make the viewing experience more efficient than ever. This bleeding-edge technology allows its users to trim the fat of every at bat by only recording the action. Start recording when the ball is in the pitcher’s glove, stop when the action ends, and tagupCompression will seamlessly merge your content to deliver a stream of action-packed plays. Download tagupCam today to have the power of tagupCompression at your fingertips.

Pitch 01

Pitch 02

Pitch 03

Pitch 04

Pitch 05

Pitch 06

Pitch 07

Pitch 08

Pitch 09

At Bat 42



Record your micro-moments. Pitch by pitch format for efficiency.



We store them in real-time until you hit 'End At Bat' to start merging.



We custom title, geo-tag, process, compress and upload with tagupSync.

Phone Camera




Why waste another minute editing, cutting and preparing video?

This should be the easiest call you'll have to make all year. We have made it simple for you to get this one right and done all the heavy lifting.

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