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The premium feature that allows recruiters to filter players by the information listed on player profiles. All players must do is fully complete their profile, and they will be integrated into our tagupDashboard search engine. Want to see every uncommitted left-handed pitcher in Wyoming graduating in 2021 with a 4.0 GPA? No problem. Equipped with eleven different filters, tagupDashboard allows recruiters to make their search as broad or focused as they want, find the players they need, and add them to their player watch list.

An Endless Stream of Stunning Plays, Stellar Workouts, and Sensational Skills

Don’t miss the premium feature that delivers on both sides of the fence. For recruiters, tagupShowcase delivers an engaging viewing experience, giving its users the ability to utilize seventeen different filters to arrange and find the top defensive and offensive plays through our search engine. Whether you are looking for a titan at the plate, a golden glover on the field, or an ace on the mound, tagupShowcase makes it effortless to exponentially increase your scouting. As a player, tagupShowcase displays your plays on the desktop of recruiters across the nation. The more you tagup, the easier it will be to catch the eyes of your recruiting audience. The Showcase is the place to find and be found. Register today and become a part of the show.


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