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tagupShowcase Bundle

Includes 5 custom extensions.

tagupDashboard, tagupDirectory, tagupNotifications, tagupPlays and tagupShowcase

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Peak Exposure

Simple, social, and synergistic; utilized by relatives, DI, DII, DIII, and JUCO recruiters across the country.

Why use the tagupShowcase Premium Bundle?

All the tools you need, for you exposure you deserve



tagupDashboard Recruiter Edition is designed as a tool to help recruiters research and find players based on over 11 fully customizable data fields.

Also, we have included an academic section to this search where you can adjust the sliders in real-time to find the players that meet your academic requirements.

tagupShowcase - Offense


tagupShowcase Recruiter Edition is the first ever, real-time searchable database of live video plays of athletes in action.

This is a must use tool before you plan your summer recruiting schedule.  You now have the ability to watch every play from any game the player was involved in.

tagupShowcase - Defense


Search by Division, Conference and State in the tagupDirectory.  From here, you can Follow, Subscribe and contact Recruiters through our private messaging system.



18 real-time web notifications available on your mobile, table or computer.  See ALL activity on your account from spectators, other players, parents, coaches, or recruiters.


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