The Tech Behind tagup's Live
Title Generation

The tech that keeps your titles on point and in check.

Descriptive titles generated in real-time.

Selective and relevant to what type of content you are capturing.

Crafting individual titles for every video can be a pain-staking process, and 012754.mp4 is not very descriptive, so we have built our automated titling system to create a title that includes only the most pertinent information. In real time, tagup’s titling system automatically assigns a unique and detailed title to help you locate, organize, and optimize your video management.

Every Title is Vital

You hit 'End At Bat'and it's tagged with the who, the where, and where it's at.

Summer Team - Individual At Bat

2018 Emily Lipsett (IN), OF-2B, ’18 Beverly Bandits, Premier Conroy 18u (IL),πŸ“ Orlando, FL, πŸ“… 07/12/18, ⏰ 07:51 PM, Summer Team At Bat 01

School Team - Individual At Bat

2018 Emily Lipsett (IN), SS-CF, Culver Academies Varsity,πŸ“ Valparaiso, IN, πŸ“… 04/31/18, ⏰ 04:51 PM, School Team At Bat 12

Summer Team - Game

'17 Beverly Bandits Premier, Team Conroy 16u vs AL Birmingham Thunderbolts 16u, PGF Nationals, πŸ“ Irvine, CA, πŸ“… 07/23/17, ⏰ 03:18 PM, At Bat 16

School Team - Game

Culver Academies Varsity vs Bremen Varsity, Non-conf, πŸ“ Culver, IN, πŸ“… 05/23/17, ⏰ 05:27 PM, At Bat 16

Summer Team - Workout

2018 Emily Lipsett, OF-2B, Beverly Bandits Premier, Team Conroy 16U, πŸ“… 04/10/16, ⏰ 05:48 PM, Summer Team, Workout>Hitting>Front Toss

School Team - Workout

2018 Emily Lipsett, SS-CF, Culver Academies Varsity (IN), πŸ“… 03/14/18, ⏰ 12:40 PM, School Team, Workout>Hitting>Tee Work

Don't waste another minute writing descriptive titles.

We will dynamically title all of your content for you. Of course, if you wish to add on, or completely change any title, you can do that as well.

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