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Any team that plays in a PGF tournament, will receive teamProspect FREE, courtesy of Premier Girls Fastpitch.

Summer promotion ends August 31, 2020.

Peak Exposure

Simple, social, and synergistic; utilized by relatives, DI, DII, DIII, and JUCO recruiters across the country.

Why tagup Works

Capture, tagup, Promote!

tagup works because for over three years our team has refined an effective process, that is powered by easy to use technology. With over 30,000+ videos on our site from beta, we are ready!

Step 1: Capture Pitch by Pitch Content with the tagupCam app.
Pitches are merged into ‘At Bat’s, and automatically uploaded to your channel in real-time.
Step 2: tagup plays
Over 90+ tagups to showcase your skills.
Step 3: Follow, Share, and Promote
Get social, Get Discovered

Step one of our process ensures recording, watching, sharing, and promoting will feel like the softball experience of the future. Step two allows plays to be incorporated into our dynamic search engines and algorithms, which adds them onto our promotional platform and makes plays easy to find online. Last but not least, step three puts the social in our Social Sports Showcase, by giving users the tools to search, follow, share, and promote online. We can honestly say you will not find anything like tagup. We are on a mission to optimize softball for players at every level, parents, coaches and recruiters. That is why our team at tagup works, and that is why tagup will work for you.

The First Social Sports Showcase

We don’t provide agents, we promote agency. Take your brand into your own hands.

Here at tagup we believe that each athlete is more than a stat-sheet, more than a skills video, more than a single outing; so, we have done our best to provide a social platform where athletes can archive and share their entire journey. Through this platform we offer a space where everyone involved in the community can provide support through online interaction, with the ultimate goal of creating an all-inclusive network in which athletes of all ages, locations, and backgrounds can shine.

The Process

Your talent, our technology.







You'll Never See a Better Pitch, Take a Swing.

30,000+ Videos - 1,000+ Teams

A Space to Call your Own and Archive your Journey.

Your very own detailed Profile, Channel for your plays and Cloud storage to save it all.


Complete, Detailed Profile. Player Info – Status – School Info – Academic – Travel/Club Info – Social Media.


Your Very Own Channel to showcase your talents. Highly customizable view by, Videos – Playlists – Games – Favorites – Discussions.


tagupCloud included with every plan. All your videos, playlists, games and more, are safe, up to date, and available wherever you are. Best of all, it works automatically.

tagupCam Mobile App

Developed Exclusively to Capture Content and Fuel your Channel.


Pitch by Pitch, merged into one At Bat


tagup your Plays right from the App


Descriptive titles generated on the fly


Automatically uploaded to your channel

Actual footage captured with tagupCam for tagupSoftball

16 tagupSoftball Extensions

Custom Features to Maximize and Manage Social Exposure


On a mission for recognition? tagupPlays is the key to feeding your channel, and solidifying your status as a must-see athlete.  Over 100+ tagups


Athlete Database. GPA, ACT, SAT, State, Status, Bats/Throws, Primary Position, Secondary Position, Grad Year, Summer Team. Your Pipeline to Every Player


NextGen Digital Exposure & Recruiting. Search video database by User Type, Users, Graduation Year, Player Status, Offense and Defense. Exponentially increasing your reach.

The Best VUE in the Game

Watch a complete game in as little as 5 minutes. Only the action!


Visually - Uninterrupted - Experience

As players, we’re told to slow the game down. As a viewer, this is exactly what we don’t want. tagupVUE offers the only way to watch a game. No more inning changes, timeouts, balls getting chased down, and all the boring parts that slow down the game.

Complete At Bats Only

Watch a complete game, pitch by pitch, batter after batter, completely uninterrupted without touching a button.

Highlights Only

Or, enable ‘tagupBolt’, and watch ONLY a stream of highlights.

You focus on making plays, we'll do the rest

Auto-generated Game Covers, your team branding, titling and all the details.

Emily Lipsett, 2018, OF/2B, Beverly Bandits Premier, Conroy 18U.  Offense Playlist.

So Cal Athletics, Mercado 16u vs Tennessee Fury Platinium, 16u, Fireworks 16U Championship, Boulder, CO, Sat, 10/05/19, 01:07 PM

So Cal Athletics, Mercado 16u vs Tennessee Fury Platinium, 16u, Fireworks 16U Championship, Boulder, CO, Sat, 10/05/19, 01:07 PM

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tagupSoftball, anyplace, anywhere, anytime


Sit back, relax, record


Watch only what matters with pitch by pitch technology.

Using the tagupCam mobile app, is a MUST for capturing games, individual at bats, workouts and drills. By using tagupCam, you only capture what matters. This makes review of your content quick and efficient. We merge your clips in real-time and upload them directly to your channel with tagupSync.

Total Viewing Time of an Average Game is 132 Minutes
23 Minutes on tagup
8 Minutes with tagupBolt

Sanction Events

Full support and integration with the following sanction bodies for games and tournaments.



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