The Best Investment for a Softball Parent

Catch Every Moment

A front row seat for every highlight.

Rally behind your favorite player.

Step up your player’s game at a fraction of the cost.

You drive, you buy, you sit, you stand, you cheer, you film, you teach, you guide. You do it all.

The creators of tagup acknowledge how much you invest into your child’s journey, and that is why we have done all we can to make the pivotal role you play in your athlete’s career as simple and cost-effective as possible. No more spending on over-priced film equipment, video packages, and recruiting sites. No more spending hours editing, organizing and archiving game footage. And perhaps most importantly, no more missing the best moments you and your player’s hardwork has lead up to. Coaches, spectators, recruiters, and instructors located on this single platform waiting for you and your player to tagup. We offer a safe and social space for your favorite player to thrive, and the opportunity for you to seamlessly document it all. Whether the goal is making it to the next level, or sharing with friends and family, tagup is your source.


Your Player, Technology, Tools, and Community


Create your profile to take advantage of tagup’s parental management feature. Enjoy the freedom of customizing your own profile and engaging with the tagup community, while also supplementing and supervising your player’s profile.


Don’t miss out on the App designed exclusively for tagupShowcase, the must use tech that records and stores your player’s footage from your phone to either one of your profiles  (compatible with iOS & Android ).



Link and sync with your player’s account to start your tandem tagup experience. Start tagging up your player’s highlights, creating private playlists of things to work on, and advancing your player’s progression with tagupPlays.


Help your player feed their channel by packaging plays in a private or public playlist. Your player’s channel is the place to organize and customize your player’s content, allowing their footage to be utilized by recruiters, enjoyed by the community, and treasured forever by you.


Invest in the showcase and supercharge your player’s content with over 100 algorithms and filters that will help recruiters and coaches find you, for a price you can’t find anywhere else.


tagup the journey


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